Innovative Solutions for Greener Buildings™

An Innovative Leader in Energy Management Solutions, Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies and services that optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, all the while reducing operating costs. We deliver innovative solutions for greener buildings through our passion for innovation, quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

Distech Controls serves multiple market segments through its worldwide business divisions, service offices and a superior network of Authorized System Integrators and Distributors.

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Introducing Distech Controls’ new ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Unit Controller series. Benefit from ECLYPSE empowered connectivity and distribute IP to the terminal equipment level!

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Achieve Over 30% Energy and Operational Cost Savings

  • Building Automation System

    EC-Net™ Web-based Multi-protocol Building Automation and Energy Management Platform

  • Programming and Productivity

    Programming and Productivity Enhancing Tools

  • Energy Management

    EC-NetAX EnerVue Energy Management Dashboard

  • HVAC Control

    Extensive line of quality, feature-rich HVAC controllers for BACnet® and LONWORKS® designed for dependable long-term performance

  • ECLYPSE™ HVAC Controller Series

    ECLYPSE™ HVAC Controller Series


    Responsive, Web-based Graphic Design and Visualization Interface

  • Smart Room Control Solution

    End-to-end system for the control of HVAC room terminal equipment, Lighting, and Shades/Sunblind

  • Open-to-Wireless

    Wireless Battery-less Solution for Building Automation

  • Lighting and Shades Control

    ECx-Light expansion modules to control lights - ON/OFF or dimming, and ECx-Blind expansion module to control Shades/Sunblind: up/down, tilting and angle rotation.

  • Access Control and CCTV

    EC-NetAX Security Access Control Solution

  • Room Devices

    Allure Series room devices offers a broad array of models suitable for a wide range of environments and applications

  • Mobile Apps

    Delivering unique productivity enhancing tools, to intuitive, engaging interfaces

  • Smoke Control System

    UL 864 UUKL 9th Edition Smoke Control System designed to protect occupants and buildings in the event of a building fire

  • Field Devices

    Quality, performance-proven, and competitively-priced products that work best with our offering

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See various projects achieved worldwide by Distech Controls Authorized System Integrators using Distech Controls' building automation and energy management solutions.
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Building our Future

Since its inception, Distech Controls' mission and core values have served to define our character and guide our decisions. They also help to outline the future that we hope to build via our own business practices, as well as our community involvement.
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  • Youth

    Sustainability is at the very core of Distech Controls. This focus on the future and growth is the basis of the company’s commitment to the next generation.

    Sun Youth Organization

    The mission of Sun Youth is to provide a highly personalized service and implement new programs to improve the current situation of its clientele through education, awareness and material assistance.

    Sun Youth is committed to the entire community, without discrimination, by a dedicated commitment and an acute awareness of the continuing challenges.

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  • Health

    Distech Controls highly values the well-being of its employees, which is why the company offers a number of advantages such as a gym, a fresh fruit program, flex hours, and bright, open offices. This focus extends to our community, and our support of health programs as a whole.

    Dr Clown (by Jovia)
    Dr. Clown’s therapeutic clown artists work with children in pediatric hospitals and in rehabilitation and palliative care centers.

    Dr. Clown’s mission is to improve the quality of life of young patients through interventions combining complicity, playfulness and imagination.  Dr. Clown aims to integrate therapeutic clowns into the treatment plans of health care facilities. 

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    Canadian Cancer Society

    The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

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  • Environment

    The vision when founding Distech Controls was to create greener buildings. From our products and services, to our global headquarters, to our involvement in the community: the environment is a cause very close to the company.

    Earth Day Network's The Canopy Project

    As part of its mission to protect natural lands and preserve the environment for all people, Earth Day Network developed its tree planting program, The Canopy Project™. With the reality of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and more frequent and violent storms and floods, tree cover has never been more important. 
    Each US dollar donated allows Earth Day Network to plant one tree in an area of the world most in need of reforestation.

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  • Performance

    One of the values that helped to drive Distech Controls is that of perseverance. We understand the importance of continuously striving to be one’s best, both individually and as part of a team. That is why we invest in key sporting initiatives in our community.

    Canadian Olympic Foundation as a GMP Future Olympians Fund Platinum Donor

    Established in 2007, the Canadian Olympic Foundation gives to priority partners that drive high performance athletic achievement for Canada’s Olympic podium potentials and for our next generation of Olympic athletes. The Foundation funds athlete and coaching awards through the Future Olympians Fund.

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