How Efficient is Your Data Center?

Recent years have seen rapid growth in global demand for computing capacity, resulting in the industry having to not only increase the number of data centers, but also having to invest in significant upgrades to extend the capacity of their existing facilities.

Ensuring that your data centers are efficient through optimum uptime, reliable operations, and control of your energy consumption are now, more than ever, a top priority.

Distech Controls offers unified control, convergence, proactive alarm management, and operational savings of up to 30%.
  • Improved Visibility and Control

    Gaining greater insight into the performance of your data center facilitates a better understanding of its mechanical, security and electrical components, thereby enabling you to minimize costs while ensuring uptime and availability.

  • Key Analytics for Improved PUE Value and Sustainability

    With all of the information that comes from controlling and monitoring your critical facilities, it is extremely important to have a system that can be used to bring everything together in a cohesive and centralized fashion. In being able to visualize this information, assess relationships and establish benchmarks, you can optimize your energy efficiency.

  • Ensure Precise Environmental Conditions for Reduced Energy Wastage

    By maintaining your facilities within precise environmental conditions, you are able to ensure proper equipment operations, successfully remediate hotspots, and reduce energy wastage.

  • Additional Savings with Lighting Control

    Although lighting is not always top of mind when it comes to data centers, it can play a role in the overall energy efficiency of your operations. By properly integrating the lighting of your facilities into your building management system, you can lower your energy costs, reduce unnecessary generated heat, and improve security.

  • A Sustainable Foundation for Continuous ROI

    Extending beyond traditional economic variables, the ever changing and expanding landscape of the IT industry means that you need a truly flexible solution that can grow with your business, thereby leveraging your existing capital investments and ensuring a faster ROI.

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