Reduce Total Installed Costs With a Unique IP Architecture

ECLYPSE™ Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Controller Series, and ENVYSION responsive, web-based design and visualization interface, provide powerful connectivity, and advanced control, monitoring and analysis, for your Internet of Things building.

The ECLYPSE controller series utilize BACnet/IP and IT standards, delivering empowered IP connectivity and open integration with building management systems. Choose wired IP, Wi-Fi, or combine both on a same controller to suit the building’s infrastructure, architecture and layouts.

Choose ECLYPSE for all your applications

ECLYPSE Connected System Controller -  Ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control. 

ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Unit Controller (ECY-PTU/TU Series) – Designed to control terminal units such as fan coils, chilled beams, heat pumps and reversible ceilings.

ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller (ECY-VAV and ECY-VAV-PoE Series) – Control any variable air volume box application. Ideal solution for fresh air renewal.

 ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controller (ECY-303 Series) – Designed to control small air handling units, heat pumps, fan coil and chilled beam applications, and multi-site installations.

Reduce Total Installed Costs with ECLYPSE BACnet/IP and WiFi Controllers

Download our Flat IP architecture

  • Simplified Installation and Maintenance

    • No additional proprietary gateways or middleware
    • Choose wired IP, Wi-Fi connectivity, or combine both on a same controller to tailor implementation throughout the building to the available IT infrastructure, architecture and layouts.
    • Eliminate fieldbus networks and the need to manage multiple networks: reduce cabling and other materials, and their  associated costs of installation, maintenance and upgrade 
  • Improved Performance

    • Increased bandwidth and speed enables large amounts of data for advanced analytics, performance evaluation and trend logs
    • Faster responsiveness when programming, creating and viewing graphics, and upgrading your system
  • Distributed Intelligence

    • IP connectivity from central plant to terminal equipment and room control to displays
    • Each controller features advanced, built-in security features and authentication services, for robust IP-based implementation
    • Direct IP or Wi-Fi Hotspot connection to your controller, using a PC or mobile device, for programming, commissioning, servicing and maintenance
    • Controller-based hosting and access to ENVYSION, web-based system graphics, and visualization of schedules, alarms, and trend logs, greatly improving maintenance and servicing
  • Decentralized Integration

    • Embedded support of BACnet MS/TP routing to IP, and Modbus integration on each controller, to cost effectively connect meters, VFDs and other devices without additional gateways
    • Leverage the RESTful API to facilitate the customization and creation of your own mobile apps, dashboards and analytics tools

Choose ECLYPSE for your next projects!

Common benefits – ECLYPSE controller series
  • BTL Listed as BACnet Building Controllers, featuring local schedules, alarms and trend logs.

  • All models available with embedded ENVYSION web-based graphic design and visualisation interface, for local hosting of application and monitoring graphics

  • Simultaneous support of wired IP and Wi-Fi (access point, client, hotspot, mesh), including support of Wi-Fi bridge. Two Ethernet ports allow controllers to be wired in daisy-chain topology and enable an STP loop-free topology configuration for redundancy and increased reliability.

  • Embedded support of BACnet MS/TP routing to IP, and Modbus integration on each controller, to cost effectively connect meters, VFDs and other devices without additional gateways.

  • Support of Smart Room Control Solution, for unified HVAC, lighting and shades/sunblind control

  • Advanced, built-in security features and authentication services, for robust IP-based implementation

  • Reduce programming and commissioning time by over 25% with EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface for custom applications with dynamic graphics available in select models.

  • Daisy-chain support of Allure™ Communicating Sensor series

More Value for Your ECLYPSE IP-Based Solution

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    Save up to 30% Creating Your Graphical User Interface With ENVYSION. 

    ENVYSION, web-based graphic design and visualization interface, delivers the art and science of actionable visual knowledge and powerful user experience.  It enhances mobility with its responsive, HTML 5 interface, for an optimal experience across different user devices.

  • RESTful API

    Documented RESTful API for ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, to create your custom or add to your existing mobile apps, dashboards and analytics tools.
  • Programming and Productivity Tools

    Industry leading tools facilitate device configuration and allow you to deliver your projects up to 25% faster, while providing the flexibility to address the specific operational requirements of your facilities.

  • HORYZON, IP-based touchscreen

  • Mobile Apps

    From occupant comfort settings, to configuring operating parameters of an HVAC system and enabling air balancing, these native apps provide an innovative approach to your user experience.

  • Allure Communicating Sensors

    A variety of communicating sensors, featuring temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion sensors, innovative ECO-VUE™ leaf pattern and optional lighting and sunblind control, for enhanced comfort and increased energy efficiency.

IP Enables Connected and IoT Buildings

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for the interchange of information and data on a common platform via IP-enabled objects and devices. Applied to building management systems, the Internet of Things delivers integrated and optimized building services in one holistic system over IP.

With ECLYPSE and ENVYSION, Distech Controls delivers solutions that connect systems, technology and people throughout your building’s lifecycle.
  • A Truly Open Solution

    • Open protocol: facilitate integration with other building management functions and devices over IP
    • Ready the building for the Internet of Things while supporting constantly evolving technologies
  • Convergence for Reduced Costs

    • Save installation time and costs by leveraging IT infrastructure – free wiring!
    • Eliminate the need to manage multiple networks, reducing cabling and other materials
  • Enhanced User Experience

    • Familiar graphical user interface – from native mobile apps, to responsive web-based interfaces
    • Reduce volumes of data into user-relevant visual knowledge, graphs and reports
    • Increase occupant satisfaction with additional control over their comfort settings
    • Quickly detect issues and assess cost effectiveness
  • Improved Data Exchange

    • Better bandwidth and speed for large amounts of data, advanced analytics and increased trend logs
    • Enterprise and third party connectivity: integrate data from other connected devices and business management systems
    • Distribute relevant information to users: Google maps, traffic and weather reports, commodity and energy prices, etc.
    • Real-time data exchange: Smart Grid, demand response and other energy incentive programs
    • Facilitate data exchange with our RESTful API and provides unique opportunities for value-added services
  • Unique Benefits of the IoT Building

    • Benefit from faster responsiveness when programming, configuring, creating and viewing graphics, and upgrading your system
    • Advanced security and user authentication to protect your critical data
    • Choose wired IP or Wi-Fi connectivity to suit the building layout
    • Easily connect to your controller and system via an onsite or offsite IP connection using a PC or mobile device
    • Reduce the need for onsite visits and the associated costs of time and travel, and improve your responsiveness to service calls