Is Your Facility in Good Health?

In today's highly competitive and regulated landscape, maintaining indoor air quality is a necessity for hospital and healthcare facility managers. A facility that offers superior environmental quality provides a better experience for patients, their families, and staff by optimizing comfort, while reducing stress and enhancing the healing environment.
  • Optimize Control & Comfort in Your Facilities

    Satisfy functional, comfort, and regulatory requirements across all room types, including patient rooms, laboratories, waiting rooms, physicians' offices, operating rooms, and cafeterias.

  • Reduce Lifecycle Costs & Ensure the Best Return on Investment

    Adopt a truly open platform, creating a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system's lifecycle.

  • Optimize Sustainability & Share Your Initiatives

    Understand exactly where your energy dollars are going and identify areas of improvement, while cutting your facilities' carbon footprint.

  • Reduce Energy Costs & Deliver Quality Patient Care

    Implement a building automation system that delivers precise environmental control, while integrating energy efficient control sequences.

  • Ensure Your System is Always Performing Efficiently

    Manage all of your buildings via one seamless, centralized interface with global and building functional capabilities such as alarms, schedules, etc.

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