LONWORKS® HVAC Controllers


Distech Controls’ line of LONWORKS controllers delivers unmatched ease of use, with feature-rich hardware and software toolsets, to increase productivity and reduce installation costs.
  • Wide array of LONMARK® certified controllers allows selection of the most appropriate model to cost-effectively address specific application requirements
  • Choice of custom programmable controllers or plug-and-play, pre-configured application specific controllers provides unmatched flexibility at installation
  • State-of-the-art reliable hardware that cost-effectively addresses all project needs and simplifies wiring and installation
  • Fully programmable using EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface, as well as EC-NetAX™ wizards and LNS configuration plug-ins

  • Programming and productivity enhancing tools to increase installation, troubleshooting, and commissioning efficiency by over 25%
  • ECL 50 Series includes live graphics color display (integrated LCD operator interface)
  • Supports Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue and Allure EC-Smart-Sensors communicating LCD sensors, offering time-saving features such as air flow balancing
  • Supports unique Open-to-Wireless™ battery-less solution for additional flexibility and cost savings at installation

  • First to introduce LonMark® certified controllers designed to meet oil and gas industry standards. Learn more

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Central Plant and Air Handling

The Distech Controls LONMARK® certified programmable controllers are microprocessor based multi-purpose devices and cover a wide range of applications, including terminal equipment, central plant and air handling as well as custom applications such as refrigeration, lighting and power measurement.
These controllers can be custom programmed and feature: 


  • User friendly programming tools EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface or EC-Program LNS plug-in / EC-Net wizard. 
  • Advanced programming including fan-in, PID loops, time delay, schedules, real-time clock, optimum start, stage sequencing, logical gates, mathematical and comparator functions, psychometric functions, persistent values
  • Support of EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensors 
  • High precision 16 bit A/D inputs and 10 bit D/A outputs 
  • Software configurable inputs: resistance, 0-10VDC, 4-20 mA 
  • Models with digital (relay, Triac, 0-12 VDC), analog 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA or floating outputs 
  • Models with high voltage power supply
  • ECL-600 and ECx-400 Series
    For AHU, chiller, boiler, cooling tower, and central plant applications
  • ECL-300 Series
    Programmable Terminal Unit and Air Handling Controllers
  • ECL-400 Series
    Programmable Terminal Unit and Air Handling Controllers

Terminal Applications

Distech Controls offers configurable and programmable controllers for control of terminal equipment. Based on the LONWORKS® protocol, our devices are designed for true peer-to-peer communication, and provide an open, interoperable building automation system with other LONWORKS products or multi-vendor, multi-protocol products such as the EC-NetAX Solution. Our controllers can be configured or custom programmed using EC-gfxProgram, EC-NetAX wizards, or LNS plug-ins providing an extensive feature set and versatility for all applications.

    Configurable Controllers
    Configurable Controllers
  • ECL-VAV Series
    Programmable Controllers
  • ECL-VAV - Coming Soon
    12-point controller ideally suited for cooling only, cooling with reheat, dual-duct, parallel fan and series fan VAV applications
  • ECL-VAVS - Coming Soon
    9-point controller ideally suited for cooling only and cooling with reheat VAV applications
  • ECL-103
    Programmable Controllers

Remote I/O

The Distech Controls remote I/O modules are designed for sensor value readings, for point monitoring and can serve to extend the capability of an open control system.
With configurable universal inputs and digital outputs, the remote I/O modules feature:

  • Easy configuration with EC-Configure LNS based plug-in or EC-Net wizard, including:
    • Input and output properties and hardware input SNVT type
    • Plug-in and wizard include sensor and actuator configuration
  • Status indicator on each output
  • Power supply is fuse protected
  • Transmit, receive and power LED indicators
  • LON network communication jack
  • ECC-301
    The Remote I/O is designed to extend the I/O capability of a LONWORKS ® system as well as to monitor and control various HVAC applications.
  • ECC-401
    The Remote I/O is designed to extend the I/O capability of a LONWORKS ® system as well as to monitor and control various HVAC applications.
  • ECC-520
    The Remote I/O is designed to extend the I/O capability of a LONWORKS ® system as well as to monitor and control various HVAC applications.

LNS Integration Tools

Distech Controls has taken a common-sense approach to providing cost-effective, feature-rich LONWORKS® solutions to the building automation industry with more intuitive engineering tools, easy to use LNS plug-ins and efficient graphics development.

  • LNS Plug-Ins - EC-Configure and EC-Monitor
    User-friendly interface for fast and easy custom programming of Distech Controls programmable and configurable LONWORKS controllers. Plug-in will automatically validate entered configuration data according to range for each property
  • Lonwatcher 3
    The Lonwatcher 3 network management tool provides integrators with sophisticated features and all the resources necessary to install, operate and manage LONWORKS® networks. Lonwatcher 3 introduces a straightforward interface for LONWORKS networks, allowing simple visualization and documentation of the control system’s logic.
  • Londisplay
    Londisplay advanced LNS based GUI package includes a graphical interface builder, Trend and Log Manager and User Manager. It is designed for both local access and control of a LNS based system and for remote access and control via the internet or dial-up phone lines. Londisplay significantly reduces engineering time and costs, allowing the creation of a custom and interactive visual interface for your building automation projects.
  • EC-gfxProgram Graphical Programming Interface
    Common graphical programming tool for BACnet ECB and LONWORKS ECL Series Programmable Controllers and ECLYPSE series controllers
Programming and Productivity Tools

Improve efficiency by over 25% - Distech Controls provides programming and productivity enhancing tools for use with our BACnet ECB Series, LONWORKS ECL Series and ECLYPSE, Connected IP and WI-Fi Product Series.


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