Smart Room Control Solution

Distech Controls’ Smart Room Control Solution is a unified system for the control of HVAC room terminal equipment, lighting, and shades/sunblind.

This solution allows you to achieve the highest levels of comfort for occupants while increasing operating cost savings, from installation time and wiring/material requirements to energy consumption.

It is a unique, modular solution designed for local or room applications, such as offices, open spaces, patient rooms, dorms and military housing.

  • Unified Solution for Increased ROI

    The Smart Room Control Solution delivers energy savings in excess of 30% on HVAC and 60% on lighting, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership via unified control with only one product configured.

    Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    • Only one product configured
    • Simplifies design, reduces installation time and costs, improves maintenance and serviceability, and increases reliability of multi-application integration

    Energy Savings Delivered

    • Using unified occupancy-based control strategies, daylight harvesting based on light level sensing and natural light optimization
    • The automation of shades/sunblind increases the insulation factor of windows

    Innovative ECO-Vue™ Leaf Pattern

    • Available on the Allure EC-Smart-Vue and Smart-Sense mobile app
    • Graphically indicates energy consumption in real-time and encourages occupants’ energy-conscious behavior.
  • Personalized Comfort

    The Smart Room Control solution delivers improved Indoor Environmental Quality for a comfortable building and increased occupant welfare, satisfaction and productivity.

    • Occupants can adjust temperature, lighting and shades/sunblind settings using the room device of their choice

    • This variety of available room devices and the convenience of a mobile app addresses the requirements of LEED® Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems—Thermal Comfort

    • Eliminates the need for multiple devices by streamlining temperature, lighting, and shades/sunblind control

    • The automation of shades/sunblind based on indoor and outdoor light levels allows occupants to benefit from increased natural light, while avoiding harsh glare and direct heat from the sun when present

    Choose from the Allure EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor, to the EC-Remote and Smart-Sense mobile app
  • Ease of Installation and Configuration

    Expansion modules can connect to the extended HVAC controller on a sub-network.

    One sensor delivers occupancy status, light level, and temperature readings.


    • up to 8 Light loads

    • up to 8 shades/sunblind motors or motor groups

    And support:

    • Up to 4 EC-Multi-Sensor and 4 Allure communicating sensors

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A Unique and Modular Solution

An Award Winning Product

The Smart Room Control solution has been recognized by industry leading associations.
  • 2015 HVR Sustainable Product of the Year

    Named Sustainable Product of the Year, as part of the HVR Awards 2015, which highlights companies that have identified new environmentally-friendly products and successfully brought them to market.

  • 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Honorable Mention

    Selected by a panel of judges made up of ASHRAE members, as an AHR Innovation Award honorable mention in the Building Automation category.

  • 2014 Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine

    Selected by BUILDINGS Magazine as a 2014 Money-Saving Product winner. This annual competition highlights budget-friendly offerings that make life easier for facilities managers.

  • 2014 Consulting Specifying Engineer Product of the Year Finalist

    A 2014 finalist for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year awards program.

HVAC Control

Choose ECB series BACnet controllers, ECL series LonWorks controllers, or ECY ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi controllers for terminal equipment applications with built-in features and logic for lighting and shades/sunblind control. Control up to 8 lights and 8 shades/sunblinds with the expansion modules.
  • ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller – ECY-VAV Series
    Control any variable air volume application out of the box. Also features a model with power over Ethernet.
  • ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Unit Controller - ECY-PTU/TU Series
    Designed to control terminal units such as fan coils, chilled beams, heat pumps, and radiant/reversible ceilings.
  • ECB-PTU Series
    For fan coil, chilled ceiling/beam and heat pump applications
  • ECL-PTU Series
    For fan coil, chilled ceiling/beam and heat pump applications

Lighting Control

ECx-Light expansion modules to control lights - ON/OFF or dimming.
Enables the automated control of lighting based on natural light levels and occupancy.
  • ECx-Light Series
    The ECx-Light Expansion Modules are microprocessor-based interfaces that extend the number of inputs and outputs provided by the ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers as well as ECY/ECL/ECB-VAV controllers.
  • ECx-Light-4DALI
    The ECx-Light-4DALI Expansion Modules are microprocessor-based interfaces that extend the number of inputs and outputs provided by the ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers as well as ECY/ECL/ECB-VAV controllers.

Sunblind Control

ECx-Blind expansion module to control Shades/Sunblind: up/down, tilting and angle rotation.
Suitable for various applications: venetian blinds, sun shades, and façade blinds.
  • ECx-Blind Series
    The ECx-Blind Series Expansion Modules are microprocessor-based interfaces that extend the number of inputs and outputs provided by the ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers as well as ECY/ECL/ECB-VAV controllers.

Occupancy Detection

Optimize your building’s energy use according to real-time conditions.
  • EC-Multi-Sensor Series
    The EC-Multi-Sensor Series combines a motion detector, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, and an infrared receiver in a single compact device.

Personalized Comfort

Occupants can adjust temperature, lighting and shade/sunblind settings in the room to achieve a level of personalized comfort
  • EC-Remote Series
    The EC-Remote Series remote controls allow users to remotely manage all the comfort parameters of a room: lighting, shades / sunblinds, temperature, fan speed and occupancy.
  • Allure EC-Smart-Vue
    Advanced communicating sensor with four integrated sensors: Temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion. Features innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern.
  • Allure EC-Smart-Comfort
    Occupant-focused, communicating room sensor, providing precise temperature sensing, and optional lighting and shade/sunblind control, for an all-in-one room device. Recipient of the 2016 AHR Innovation Awards’ honorable mention in the Indoor Air Quality category.

SmartSense App

Download our free mobile app from the Google Play or the App Store!
  • Smart-Sense Room Control app
    With the Smart-Sense Room Control app, occupants can view or set comfort parameters at all times, from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

    The Smart-Sense Room Control app is a unique way to deliver an intuitive interface for the occupants of your clients’ modern buildings.

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