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Global Leadership

Distech Controls' innovative product development and unique commercial strategies have attracted a highly talented team of professionals who have been instrumental in the company's continued growth.

Jeremy Delhomme

Customer Experience Director.


The opportunity to bring innovative technology and connected solutions to the building automation industry.


  • Responsible for leading Distech Controls' efforts throughout Europe and Africa in developing innovative products and leading solutions for the building automation and energy management market. Jérémy also oversees the documentation team.
  • Jeremy has a background in creating and developing products in a number of different industries. He joined Comtec/Acelia in 2008, and subsequently took on a leadership role in 2010 when the company was acquired by Distech Controls.

What year did you start at Distech Controls?



What and where did you study?

  • ENSEEIHT Engineering - Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
  • Master Recherche en Système Automatiques  

What are a few highlights from your career thus far?

  • Actively involved in defining and developing COMTEC/Acelia’s product offering during the integration to Distech Controls, which lead to creating the synergistic “Smart Room Control” Solution.


What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is the cornerstone of a company like Distech Controls: it is our differentiating factor and motivation to always be at our very best. It is the constant search for new ways to be more effective and efficient for our clients. 


Where were you born?

Lyon, France

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Anywhere where skiing is possible. For a short trip, the French Alps is the perfect spot for all kinds of activities. For a longer trip, I love Greece, Croatia and Morocco.



  • PMI : Project Management Institue
  • BACnet Technical Working Group
  • EnOcean Technical Working Group
  • ISEF : Ingénieur et Scientifiques de France
  • AIN7 : Association des Ingénieurs de l’N7
  • The Innovation Leaders Club
  • Smart Building Alliance
  • Eu.bac