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Building Automation System


Our BAS provides the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs. A truly open solution, the platform creates a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle.

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    Program, manage, and monitor your building automation system using a Web browser

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    Monitor, acknowledge, and review alarms with sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging

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    Choose best-of-breed products and prolong the useful life of existing systems by extending their capabilities, regardless of manufacturer or protocol

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    Common platform provides global functions such as network control, monitoring, alarming, database and log management, and audit trails for all building functions

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    Manage multi-site or campuses with one system

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    Leverage real-time business intelligence through connectivity with enterprise applications such as accounting, tenant billing, and energy management and utility monitoring interfaces

Download our brochure to learn how Distech Controls' EC-Net building management solution provides cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring, and operational needs.


Network and Interface

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The open structure of EC-Net building management system (BMS) creates a common development and management environment for the integration of BACnet®, LONWORKS®, Modbus™, and other standards.

More than a building management system, EC-Net system provides all the tools you need to gain intelligence into your buildings’ performance and arm you with the ability to rapidly react to any situation that may adversely affect energy costs, business performance, and ultimately, your bottom line.

  • Products and Models

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      EC-Net 4 Supervisor

      The EC-Net 4 Supervisor is a software platform used in server-class applications. It makes managing all buildings at an enterprise level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and insights to optimize their system.


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      EC-Net 4 Alarm Console

      The EC-Net 4 Alarm Console is a flexible client application for monitoring alarms from EC-BOS or Supervisor nodes and provides an alternative way for users that do not require the full EC-Net 4 Pro to monitor, acknowledge and review current alarms within a building or campus.


EC-BOS: Multi-protocol Web Building Controllers

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