Insulated, Thermally Isolated, Aluminum Airfoil Blade & Aluminum Frame Class IA Dampers

DA-VxCSN Series dampers offer sturdy construction of both frame and airfoil blades of aluminum, and are designed to meet various application and environmental requirements.
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  • Applications

    • Insulated aluminum blade with thermal break and aluminum frame. For low-temperature applications.


    • 3-Year warranty on materials and workmanship
    • 345% thermal efficiency ratio results in less cold penetration.
    • Self-compensating side seals minimize leakage between the blades and the damper frame.
    • Twin blade seals with neutral zone thermal break improve thermal efficiency and isolate skins for less migration.
    • Dual-action injection molded bearing and bear­ing surface frame insert reduce friction for lower torque, requiring fewer and smaller actuators
  • DA-VxCSN Series

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