Room Air Quality Sensors

The GS-AQR, Indoor Air Quality Sensor Series uses an advanced MEMS metal oxide semiconductor sensor to detect poor air quality. The sensor reacts quickly to detect a broad range of VOCs such as smoke, cooking odors, bio-effluence, outdoor pollutants and from human activities. The sensor captures all VOC emissions that are completely invisible to CO2 sensors. The GS-AQR Series provides a linear analog signal output of 0-5 or 0-10 Vdc for connection to a building automation system as well as an analog stepped output of 0-10Vdc. Optional features such as a temperature sensor, manual override and adjustable relay output are available.
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  • Applications

    • Schools
    • Office Buildings
    • Parking garages
    • Washroom ventilation fans
    • Cigarette smoke detectors


    • True Air Quality Monitor
    • Microprocessor based controller
    • Analog, Stepped & Relay Output options
    • 10 bit resolution
    • Able to detect one cigarette in 15 m3 (530 cu. ft.) room
  • GS-AQR Series

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