Micro Drives

Micro drives are frequency converters with unsurpassed reliability, user-friendliness, condensed functionality, and are extremely easy to commission. Despite the compact size and the easy commissioning, Micro Drives can be set up to perform perfectly even in complex application setups. Approximately 100 parameters can be set to optimize energy efficiency and operation.
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  • Applications

    • General purpose drive for control of AC motors up to 22 kW (30 HP)
    • Appropriate for use in industrial settings
    • Appropriate for use in HVAC applications


    • Plug-and-play and minimal commissioning
    • High quality components
    • Circuit boards well protected and coated
    • Process PI-controller
    • Built-in RFI filter
    • Intuitive Parameter structure
    • Copy settings via local control panel
    • 150% motor torque up to 1 minute
    • Automatic Energy Optimisation (AEO): Saves 5-15% energy in HVAC applications
  • ID-132F Series

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