LS-HMB 10, High Bay End-of-Aisle Sensor

High Bay Aisle Way lighting control is easily accomplished by the LS-HMB 10 Series Passive
Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor. This low voltage sensor easily installs to a standard junction box through a 1/2 inch knockout. Designed to be used in pairs, mounted 30 to 45 ft (9.14 to 13.72 m) high at both ends of an aisle, the LS-HMB10 views up to 110 linear ft (33.53 m) of aisle way space. When used with standard LS-PP20 power packs, these sensors are ideal for on/off control of T5/T8 fluorescent lighting.
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  • Applications

    • On/Off control of T5/T8 fluorescent lighting


    • Coverage up to 110 Linear ft
    • Adjustable Time Delay
    • 100% Digital PIR Detection
    • Excellent RF Immunity
    • 360º Coverage Pattern
    • Push-Button Programmable
    • User Adjustable Time Delays
    • No Field Calibration or Sensitivity Adjustments Required
    • Convenient Test Mode
    • 100 Hr Lamp Burn-in Timer
  • LS-HMB10

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