LS-sPODM, Low Voltage Push-Button wall stations

The Push-Button SwitchPod Series of low voltage wall stations interface with standard Sensor Switch occupancy sensors and power packs in order to implement a wide range of single and bilevel switching applications. These switch devices provide an elegant and cost effective way of deploying bi-level lighting control that meet energy and building codes without having to source special sensors or power packs.
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  • Applications

    • Power up to 14 sensors
    • Dual-circuit control (with two LS-PP20s, one LS-PP20 2-pole power pack, or an LS-PP20 power pack and an LS-SP20 slave pack)


    • Powers Low Voltage Sensors (LS-PP20/LSPP20 2-Pole only)
    • Self-Contained Relay(s) Switch Line Voltage Loads
    • Relay Contact Protection
    • Plenum Rated
  • LS-sPODM Series

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