BACnetTM/Modbus® BTU Transmitter

The ME-340BN/MB-00 BACnetTM/Modbus® BTU Transmitter is an economical, compact device for sub-metering applications utilizing the BACnet™ or Modbus® communications protocol.
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  • Applications

    • Conditions and transmits signal from flow meters to BAS controllers


    • Calculates thermal energy using the signal from a flow sensor installed in a hydronic heating or chilled water system, and the signals from two 10k Ohm temperature thermistors, 100 Ohm RTDs or 1000 Ohm RTDs installed in the system’s inlet and outlet points
    • Transmits flow rate, flow total, en­ergy rate, energy total, supply and return temperatures and Delta T
  • ME-340 BN/MB-00

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