Dual Channel Flow Monitors

The ME-3100 Dual Channel Flow Monitors are a compact, economical, full-featured, monitor designed for flow and other measurement applications with powerful control and retransmission features. The ME-3100 Series is intended for monitoring and control applications the smaller ME-3000 Series can’t handle. The ME-3100 Series dual channel input and outputs, combined with three extra relays, and channel addition and subtraction make this a very powerful controller. Versatile inputs from a wide range of devices, combined with custom units of measure add to its power.
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  • Applications

    • Pump Control based on flow and pressure
    • Water Feature control based on Wind Speed and Flow rate
    • Irrigation based on Moisture and Wind Speed
    • Pump control based on independent flows in two different pipes.
    • Resultant flow volume and direction of a reversing flow, such as occurs when two communities both pump into, and draw from, a common pipe system.


    • Inputs accept any combination of two Pulse, Sine, or Analog signals.
    • Displays include a two line by 16-character 3/8” high backlit LCD, five LEDs representing relay and pulse output status, and two LEDs representing USB and RS-485 Tx and Rx activity.
    • The LCD display can be configured to display any combination of two rate and/or totals from either input channel.
  • ME-3100 Series

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