Insertion Impeller Flow Sensors

The ME-200 Series flow sensors feature a six bladed impeller design with a proprietary non-magnetic sensing mechanism. The sensor can be combined with an ME-300 Series transmitter to send values to a BAS.
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  • Applications

    • Energy management systems
    • Building management systems
    • BTU sub-metering systems
    • Cooling tower treatment systems
    • Condensate return lines


    • Forward curved shape coupled with the absence of magnetic drag provides improved operation and repeatability where the impeller is exposed to me­tallic or rust particles found in steel or iron pipes
    • Sensor electronics easily removed from tee
    • Impeller, bearing and shaft are easily replaced in field without changing calibration
    • Two wire sensor. Power and signal transmit on single pair of wires up to the distance of 2000 feet.
    • Digital signal easily interfaced with transmitters, monitors, or PLC’s
  • ME-200 Series

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