BACnet/IP to MS/TP Router

The router routes messages between BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP networks as per the ANSI/ASHRAE 135 (ISO 16484-5) standard. It allows BACnet/IP devices connected over Ethernet to communicate with MS/TP devices. The router is configurable via its web page.
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  • Applications

    • Use existing Ethernet infrastructure
    • Locate MS/TP devices where no MS/TP cable exists
    • Add IP address to MS/TP devices
    • Provide access to MS/TP devices from multiple BACnet/IP enabled controllers
    • End-of-line MS/TP bias and termination provided by router


    • Route between BACnet®/IP to BACnet® MS/TP networks
    • Diagnostic LEDs include MS/TP traffic monitor
    • Optically isolated MS/TP communication port
    • Web server for commissioning, re-configuring and troubleshooting
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet auto-negation and automatic medium-dependent interface crossover port

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