CEA-709/IP-852 Router

The NC-LIP Router Series connects twisted pair channels (TP/FT-10 or TP/XF-1250) with the Ethernet/IP channel (IP-852) in LonMark Systems. NC-LIPs route CEA-709 packets through an IP based network such as a LAN (Ethernet), an Intranet, or even the Internet and connects to the IP network via a 100Base-T Ethernet port.
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  • Applications

    • Routes packets between TP/FT-10 or TP/XF-1250 channels and Ethernet/IP (IP-852)


    • Compliant with CEA-709, CEA-852, and ISO/IEC 14908-1 standard (LonMark System)
    • Supports Configured Router mode, Smart Switch mode, and Repeater mode
    • Built-in CEA-852 configuration server for up to 100 members
    • Support for operation behind NAT routers and firewalls
    • Easy installation, Auto-NAT, roaming, DHCP
  • NC-LIP Series

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