Communicating Touchscreen Displays

NC-LVIS3ME Touch Panels for LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks are ideally suited for visualization and opera¬tion of various applications in building automation. The fully customizable user screens can show dynamic pages that are easy to navigate. NC-LVIS3ME Touch Panels make use of an extremely low power embedded controller platform and operating system making the NC-LVIS3ME resistant against problems when re-booting after power outage and also against any viruses.
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  • Applications

    • Visualize building systems
    • Room operator panels
    • Hospital or isolation rooms
    • Conference rooms
    • Reception area


    • High resolution TFT touch display with dim­mable backlight
    • Flush-mounting in combination with the mount­ing frame
    • Stores customized graphical pages
    • Supports popular font types such as TrueType, Type-1, BDF, PCF, and OTF
    • Support of SVG vector graphics
  • NC-LVIS3ME Series

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  • NC-LVIS3ME Series

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  • NC-LVIS3ME Series

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