i.LON-600 LonWorks®/IP Server

The i.LON® 600 LonWorks®/IP Server is an ISO/IEC 14908 router that uses IP as a standard LonWorks® channel to allow LonWorks® devices such as pumps, motors, valves, sensors, and lights to be securely configured, monitored, and controlled over IP or Ethernet.
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  • Applications

    • Transform any IP-based netword into a LonWorks® control information pathway
    • Provide high-performance Layer 3 routing of LonWorks® control packets


    • Allows the resident IP network to be used as a standard LonWorks® media type alongside twisted pair, power line, coax, IR and others
    • Creates a local or remote control network con­nection for a LonWorks® Network Services (LNS®) or OpenLDV application
    • Offers unparalleled packet throughput, rugged construction, and simple commissioning
    • Supports internetworking of up to 256 i.LON 600 servers and operation of multiple i.LON servers behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall
    • Installs using standard LonWorks HMI’s or can be setup to self-install using parameters on a Web page
  • NC-72603R

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