VPN Central Lock

The NC-TBCL1US Central Lock is the hub for your VPN connections. It enables a wide range of process improvements and new business opportunities. Scalable concurrent VPN connections can easily be created and managed for remote maintenance, continuous data monitoring and data logging purposes. The Central Lock offers completely new ways of providing service business. It quickly and easily brings all remote sites to a single point, and centrally manages user and access rights across the entire network in real-time, allowing you to build and manage secure IoT infrastructures in just minutes. Scaling from single up to thousands of connections is possible at any time.
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  • Applications

    • VPN connections
    • IoT Infrastructures



    • Easy data logging, continuous monitoring, and remote maintenance
    • Possibility to collect audit log data from connected Locks
    • Monitoring service for VPN connections
    • Improved and scalable access management that is enterprise-ready
    • Supports up to thousands concurrent VPN connections from Keys, Locks or Mobile Clients
    • Tested and audited security

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