The NC-TBL5 & NC-TBL5iA are high-end connectivity devices bringing unprecedented possibilities for customers to manage their operations and to build new IoT solutions. These Locks are ideal for demanding industrial environments and open up new opportunities in the security and office networking sectors. NC-TBL5 & NC-TBL5iA are compatible with all existing NC-TB products. Their modularity enables easy and fast extension of the networks.
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  • Applications

    • VPN connections
    • IoT Infrastructures



    • High Performance
    • Massive VPN throughput for data consuming applications
    • End-to-end encryption between NC-TB devices



    • Up to 50 concurrent VPN connections
    • Integrated WiFi as connectivity method or access point for wireless devices on site
    • Built-in LTE modem (optional), with two modem variants covering most of the globe – no external modem needed
    • Dual-SIM slots for operator redundancy allows for even more reliable connectivity
    • TosiOnline™ automatic reconnection of dropped connections


    Industrial Design

    • 2/2 x Digital I/O for controlling and monitoring of Lock status
    • Robust and fanless enclosure, integrated DIN rail bracket and industrial screw-on DC power connector


  • NC-TBL5 & NC-TBL5iA

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