VPN Mobile Client

The NC-TBMCx Mobile Client gives you secure and easy remote access on the go by enabling secure VPN connections to matched Lock devices, using the mobile device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. NC-TBMCx is built on the physical security foundation of NC-TB products: the access rights are granted and controlled from the physical Key (NC-TBK2), after which the Mobile Client remains bound to it. The access rights are device-specific and non-transferrable.

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  • Applications

    • VPN connections
    • IoT Infrastructures



    • Build and manage secure IoT infrastructure in minutes
    • Tested & audited security
    • Unlimited expandability and flexibility
    • Deals with legacy and future systems
    • Globally patented point-to-point connection
    • TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ Technology
    • Two-factor authentication
  • NC-TBMCx

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