NC-TBSKLx is a computer program (or SoftKey) that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more Locks, giving you full visibility and control over the network devices connected to the Lock. The SoftKey works without a physical NC-TBK2 key device. Since it corresponds to a Sub Key controlled via a physical Master Key, it cannot be used to create more keys or Mobile Clients. The access rights are granted and controlled from the physical NC-TBK2 key, after which the SoftKey remains bound to it. The access rights are device-specific and non-transferrable.

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  • Applications

    • VPN connections
    • IoT Infrastructures



    • Build and manage secure IoT infrastructure in minutes
    • Tested & audited security
    • Unlimited expandability and flexibility
    • Deals with legacy and future systems
    • Globally patented point-to-point connection
    • Two-factor authentication

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