Optical Edge Switches

The NC-ONS-Cx line of Edge Switches allow your network to reach everywhere you need – from a server rack to the smallest of control panels. Edge Switches connect to the NC-ONS Passive Optical Networking technology, allowing flexible and redundant topologies and reaching up to 5 miles (8 km) while reducing cabling costs up to 80%. All ports from all switches can be monitored and managed through a single graphical view
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  • Applications

    • Airports, shopping malls, campuses, etc.
    • High-rise buildings
    • Surveillance systems


    • Out-of-the-box plug’n’play operation
    • Intuitive interface
    • Versatile selection of Edge Switches with various sizes and mounting options
    • Flexible uplink architecture with passive optical networking
    • Creation of a single virtual switch with up to 1028 distributed ports
    • Central management of PoE & VLAN settings via the OneView™ Dashboard
  • NC-ONS-Cx Series

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