Passive Optical Splitters

The NC-ONS-Yx series Passive Optical Splitters are completely solid-state Optics, and require no power, cooling, or maintenance. In addition, they are completely immune to electromagnetic interference and high voltage. They can be installed anywhere and never require access for maintenance. Use passive splitters to create a customized topology to match your intelligent building’s physical layout and your requirements for high-availability.
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  • Applications

    • Airports, shopping malls, campuses, etc.
    • High-rise buildings
    • Surveillance systems


    • Optimized cabling throughout the smart building by running a single fiber and just splitting it where needed.
    • No power, no climate control, and no maintenance required.
    • A wide selection of splitters offering a variety of flexible and expandable architectures – both with and without redundancy.
    • Available in rack-mount or compact form factors for deployment in any environment
  • NC-ONS-Yx Series

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