Smart Aggregation Switches

The NC-ONS-S2 & NC-ONS-S8 smart aggregation switches leverage the benefits of Passive Optical Networking within an appropriate form factor. An intuitive graphical user interface allows the entire network to be monitored and managed through a single graphical view. Real-time monitoring and analytics keep you on top of issues when or even before they happen.
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  • Applications

    • Airports, shopping malls, campuses, etc.
    • High-rise buildings
    • Surveillance systems


    • Wall-mountable GEPON OLT designed specifically for intelligent buildings
    • Central management through a built-in Dashboard web-hosted directly on the switch
    • Single virtual switch with scalable distributed ports
    • Supports all protocols in use for Security and Building Automation
    • Innovative Redundancy achieved with auto-switching Active/Standby
  • NC-ONS-Sx Series

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