NEMA 3R, Wallmount Enclosure

The PP-C3R HCR Series are medium to large NEMA 3R wallmount enclosures for outdoor protection from precipitation. They are sized from 16”x12”x6” up to 48”x36”x16” and include a drip shield and screw-on cover. Optional solid inner panels are available.
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  • Applications

    • Designed for use as a wiring/junction box.
    • Provides protection against rain, sleet, snow and dripping water.

    Features & Benefits

    • Formed and spot welded from 16 or 14 gauge galvanized steel.
    • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, front and back.
    • Stainless steel continuous hinge.
    • Cover fastened with captive plated screws.
    • Padlocking hasp.
    • Collar studs provided for mounting optional panels.
    • External mounting feet.
    • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.
    • Enclosure and cover are finished inside and out in ANSI 61 gray powder coating.

  • PP-C3R HCR Series

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