Air Flow Switches (Metal Enclosure)

The PS-ADPSXXXXM Series are air flow switches. These devices are general-purpose airflow-proving switches de¬signed for HVAC and energy management applications. It may be used to sense positive, negative, or differential air pressure. The PS-ADPSXXXXM Series plated housing contains a diaphragm, a calibration spring and a snap-acting SPDT switch. The enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminal screws and the set point adjusting screw.
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  • Applications

    • Monitoring filters
    • Measuring duct static pressure
    • Proof of blower operation
    • Monitoring pressure drop across coils
    • Monitoring damper status


    • Economical
    • Ease of installation
    • Adjustable set point
    • UL, CSA, FM approved

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