Liquid Differential Pressure Sensors with Valve Manifold

The PS-2301 Series liquid differential pressure sensors with valve manifold is highest accuracy solution for moni¬toring differential pressure in wet-to-wet applications. Its single diaphragm design enables a true wet-to-wet dif¬ferential pressure measurement with superior ±0.25% FS accuracy compared to competitive units which calculate differential pressure using two single point pressure sensors. The stainless steel capacitive sensor provides a highly accurate, linear analog output proportional to the pressure over a wide temperature range. The PS-2301 Series is offered with an optional 3 or 5 valve machined brass manifold for ease of installation and maintenance.
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  • Applications

    • Energy Management Systems
    • Process Control Systems
    • Flow Measurement of Various Gases or Liquids
    • Liquid Level Measurement or Pressurized Vessels
    • Pressure Drop Across Filters


    • ±0.25% FS Accuracy
    • No Liquid Fill Diaphragm
    • NEMA 4 Rated Housing
    • Low Line Pressure Effect
    • Fast Response Time
    • Gas & Liquid Compatible
    • Meets CE Conformance Standards
  • PS-2301 Series

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