Ultra Low Air Differential Pressure Transmitters

The PS-AULDP Series are ultra-low-pressure transmitters. These devices can be used to measure differential pres¬sure between an area and a reference space. It combines precision high sensitivity silicon sensing capabilities and the latest in ASIC technology with Dynamic Self Compensation. Standard features include: Bi-directional pressure ranges, selectable output, and on-board auto-zeroing. A built-in alarm relay output and LCD are optional. Several accessories are available. The unit may be mounted in any position but typically is installed on a vertical surface with the pressure ports on the right and the cable entrance on the left. The enclosure has a standard opening for a ½” conduit and may be installed with either conduit and a conduit coupler or a cable gland type fitting.
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  • Applications

    • Process controls
    • Used for monitoring airflow
    • Used for monitoring pressure drop across filters
    • Used for monitoring building static pressure


    • Economical
    • Optional LCD and relay output
    • Accurate pressure monitoring for increased comfort
    • Functional weather resistant ABS enclosure
    • Field selectable pressure ranges and output signals
  • PS-AULDP Series

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