Vernier Line Voltage Step Controller

The RE-R851 Series line voltage (up to 240 VAC) electronic step controller is designed for cost-effective and precise control of multi-stage applications typically found in electric duct heaters and boilers. Available in four or eight stage models, the RE-R851V can also be used in conjunction with the RE-R810 power switch or RE-R820 SCR power controller, which will result in a fully proportional control of the load. The RE-R851B is specifically designed for electric boiler sequencing.
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  • Applications

    • Precise modulation of multi-stage control
    • For use in duct-heating (V models) and boilers (B models)


    • Microcomputer-based design
    • Adjustable Vernier ratio
    • Analog Vernier output (V models offer choice of pulsed or analog)
    • Up to 16 stages
  • RE-R851 Series

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