All Purpose Duct & Immersion Temperature Sensors, Nema 4X

TS-D2X Series all-purpose temperature sensors provide precision temperature sensing for ducts. When combined with a TS-W series S/S thermowell, they can be used to measure liquid temperature in pipes. The TS-D2X single-point temperature sensor uses a precision sensor encapsulated in a 6.00 mm (0.236”) OD, a 304-series stainless steel probe, and it is available in various lengths. All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resistance to moisture penetration.
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  • Applications

    • Used for measuring temperature on: supply and return ducts, supply and return hot water pipes of heating systems, domestic hot water tanks and piping, and supply and return lines in chillers.
    • Incorporated in chillers to monitor temperature gradients.
    • Used in heat exchangers and air handling units to provide temperature sensing for control of heating / cooling coils



    • Economical
    • Ease of installation
    • Sensors are hermetically sealed
    • Proven long stability and performance
    • Probes made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel
    • Accurate temperature monitoring for increased comfort
  • TS-D2X Sensor Series

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