Flexible Duct Averaging Low Limit Thermostats (SPDT)

The TS-ST-FRE Series Flexible Duct Averaging Low Limit Thermostats (SPDT) provides a switch output based on the average temperature detected along a two or six metre capillary sensor. A common application is for frost protection on fresh air intakes or airconditioning systems, to prevent the icing up of filters, fans and coils. The capillary is fixed in a matrix across the duct, in a position downstream of the pre-heater or frost coil.
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  • Applications

    • Used as a high limit control when a “lock-out” type control is desired or required by local code 


    • Easy adjustment of setpoint
    • Setting indicator
    • Pre-set thermostats to speed commissioning time 
  • TS-ST-FRE Series

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