Legacy Flexible Duct Averaging Temperature Sensors

This series of copper duct averaging temperature sensors provide precision temperature sensing of mixed air ducts. It incorporates numerous sensors on an FT4 plenum rated wiring cable. It acts as a single sensor, averaging any temperature change across the sensors.
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  • Applications

    • Used for measuring temperature on supply and return air ducts
    • Incorporated in chillers to monitor temperature gradients
    • Used in heat exchangers and air handling units to provide temperature sensing for control of heating / cooling coils


    • Economical
    • Ease of Installation
    • Wide selection of thermistor curves
    • Proven long stability and performance
    • Adaptable to most duct sizes
  • TS-AC Sensor Series

    2017-10-06 13:33:55 | pdf | 796,8 KB
  • TS-AP Sensor Series

    2017-10-06 13:34:46 | pdf | 790,5 KB