Legacy Immersion Temperature Transmitters

The TS-I Series are single point immersion temperature transmitters, They incorporate a precision platinum RTD encapsulated in a stainless steel probe. All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resist moisture penetration. A transmitter that provides a high accuracy signal with excellent long term stability, low hysteresis and fast response is provided. This temperature transmitter is available with various probe lengths and various enclosures to fit any application.
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  • Applications

    • Used for measuring temperature on supply and return hot water pipes of heating systems
    • Incorporated in chillers to monitor temperature gradients
    • Used in heat exchangers and air handling units to provide temperature sensing for control of heating / cooling coils


    • Economical
    • Ease of installation
    • Probes made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
    • Accurate average temperature monitoring for increased comfort
    • Transmitters are hermetically sealed
  • TS-I Transmitter Series

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