Legacy Rigid Duct Averaging Temperature Sensors

The PDIGR-TE200DR Series are rigid duct averaging temperature sensors. They are encapsulated in a 6.35 mm (0.25") OD, 304 stainless steel probe. All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resist moisture penetration. This temperature sensor is available with various probe lengths and various enclosures to fit any application. It can accommodate a wide variety of sensing elements such as NTC thermistors, RTD elements, Nickel RTD elements and IC sensors.
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  • Applications

    • Used for measuring temperature on supply and return ducts
    • Incorporated in chillers to monitor temperature gradients
    • Used in heat exchangers and air handling units to provide temperature sensing for control of heating / cooling coils
    • Used for more precise measurements by taking readings at various points and taking the average


    • Economical
    • Ease of Installation
    • Probes made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
    • Accurate temperature monitoring for increased comfort
    • Proven long stability and performance
  • TS-AR Sensor Series

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