Small Globe Valve Actuators

The VA-045GNX024P Electronic Valve Actuator requires a 24 Vac supply and receives a 0 to 10 Vdc control signal to proportionally control a valve. The VA-045GN Series Electronic Valve Actuators are designed to work with the VA-599 Series Zone Control Valves with a 7/32-inch (5.5 mm) stroke and a threaded valve bonnet that fits the actuator.The VA-045GNX024F Electronic Valve Actuator requires a 24 Vac supply floating control signal to provide floating control.

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  • Applications

    • For use in heating and cooling HVAC applications with valves that need 200N (45 lbf.) of nominal force.
    • Can be used in liquid service applications.


    • UL-listed for plenum installations
    • Direct-coupled for installation without tools
    • Close-off up to 70 psi on 1/2-inch valve
    • Non-spring return
    • Manual override

  • VA-045GN Series

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