VA-MK Series High Performance Butterfly Valves

The VA-MK Series high performance butterfly valves set the quality and design standard by which all other high performance valves are measured. The VA-MK Series is ideally suited to high pressure, high temperature, and high cycle HVAC applications as well as mission critical HVAC applications.
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  • Applications

    • High pressure, high temperature, and high cycle HVAC applications
    • Mission critical HVAC applications


    • Blow-out proof stem for safety and ease of use
    • Energized RTFE seat is self-adjusting for wear and easily field replaceable
    • Pressure assisted, but not pressure dependant seat design allows optimal performance and sealing at high or low differential pressures
    • Adjustable PTFE packing can be adjusted while the valve is in service
    • Dead-end rating equal to nominal pressure rating allows the control valve to also function as an isolation valve
    • One piece wafer, lug or double flanged design with extended neck to allow for 2” of piping insulation.
  • VA-MK Series

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