Non-spring Return, 24 Vac/dc Electronic Valve Actuator

The VA-360P Series Non-spring Return (NSR), Electronic Valve Actuator requires a 24 Vac/dc supply to provide three-position (floating) control of a valve. The VA-360P Series Non-Spring Return (NSR), Electronic Valve Actuator also receives a 0 to 10 Vdc or a 4 to 20 mA control signal to proportionally control a valve. This actuator is designed to work with flanged, Pressure Independent Control Valves with a 1-1/2-inch (40 mm) stroke.
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  • Applications

    • These electronic actuators are designed to be used with flanged, Pressure Independent Control valves with 1-1/2-inch (40 mm) stroke in hot and chilled water applications in closed loop HVAC systems.


    • 24Vac/Vdc operating voltage
    • Direct-coupled installation requires no special tools or adjustments
    • Manual override
    • VA-360PNX024P: Automatic stroke calibration
    • VA-360PNX024F: Visual and electronic stroke indication
    • VA-360PNX024F: Visual stroke indication
    • VA-360PNX024P: LED status indication
    • Overload and stall protection.
    • Optional functions with auxiliary switches, VA-360PNX024P: function module, VA-360PNX024F: potentiometer and stem heater
    • Maintenance-free
  • VA-360P Series

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