Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor (868 MHz)

The MOS-21 is designed to provide a reliable and simple method to increase energy savings by adding occupancy detection to your wireless control system. This ceiling mount Passive Infrared occupancy sensor is wireless and uses solar energy harvesting. Vacancy sensing mode is available for CEC Title 24 requirements. An efficient power supply and tuned sensor circuitry allows the MOS-21 to provide immediate response to new occupancy states, making it an ideal solution for auto-ON applications.
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  • Applications

    • Area Monitoring of Occupancy/Vacancy


    • Integrated solar cell + light level LED
    • Ceiling mount with 360° detection range
    • Immediate motion response even when dark
    • Vacancy mode option, manual on/auto-off
    • Sensitivity adjust stops false triggers
  • Occupancy Sensor - 868Hz

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