Light Switches (868 MHz)

Easysens Funkschalter BJ is an universal switch insert with a maintenance-free, self-powered radio transmitter. The central plate can be glued or screwed in place and can be easily attached to glass and plaster. The integration is done by a special intermediate frame. By means of the battery-less and maintenance-free wall mounted radio keys, a wireless control of receivers based on the EnOcean technology and other consumers connected thereto is possible. A radio signal is produced when pressing and releasing a button. Dimmer and roller blind controls can be realized by evaluating the switching status of the receivers.
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  • Applications

    • Lighting On/Off, Dimming


    • Wireless communication permits the optimization of sensor placement, easy relocation of sensors and switches, removes the need to open walls and extensive installation work
  • Light Switch - 868MHz

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