Room Humidity Sensors (902 MHz)

The Resonate family of temperature and relative humidity sensors is designed to provide a reliable and simple method to set up intelligent automation of interior spaces for energy savings. The Resonate family sets a new bench mark in temperature accuracy and update speed of temperature changes. The units are accurate to 0.3°C and 3% relative humidity.These sensors are suitable for Variable Volume Temperature (VVT) or Variable Air Volume (VAV) forced air systems.
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  • Applications

    • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring


    • Temperature accuracy of 0.5°F/ 0.3°C
    • Relative Humidity accuracy of 3%
    • Integrated solar cell + light level LED
    • 24m transmission range in interior areas
    • Up to 200 hr operation in total darkness
  • Humidity and Temperature Space Sensor - 902MHz

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