Wireless Receivers

Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ Wireless Receiver enables controllers to receive input signals from wireless sensors and switches.
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    • ƒ Wireless communication, permitting you to:
      • ƒƒ Optimize sensor placement to get the most accurate reading and achieve improved temperature control and occupant comfort
      • ƒƒ Easily relocate sensors and switches when room configurations or floor plans change
      • ƒƒ Preserve architecture and materials, avoiding drilling and wall openings
      • ƒƒ Avoid disturbances to tenants caused by noise and dust associated with extensive installation work
    • ƒƒ Multiple mounting options, giving you flexibility during installation
    • ƒƒ Available in three models for communication on 902MHz, 868MHz, or 315MHz to suit your country or local area’s transmission spectrum standards.
    • ƒƒ Cord with modular connectors included, making connection to the controller fast and straightforward
    • ƒƒ Powered directly by the controller, simplifying installation
  • Open-to-Wireless™ Receiver

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  • Open-to-Wireless Solution Guide

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