EC-gfxProgram Graphical Programming Interface

Common graphical programming tool for BACnet ECB and LONWORKS ECL Series Programmable Controllers and ECLYPSE series controllers
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    • For use with EC-NetAX, or standalone (LNS, BACnet, ECLYPSE BACnet/IP)
    • Provides an intuitive and customizable block-oriented programming environment
    • Complete with gfxApplications, an extensive library of pre-engineered, energy-efficient HVAC applications
    • Supplied toolbox includes more than 100 pre-defined functions including HVAC, Comparators, Logic, Math, Time, Input/Output, among others, to simplify programming and reduce programming time
    • Create your own standard code libraries and toolboxes from previously used code or code sections to save programming time
    • Features a step-by-step Configuration Assistant to facilitate custom programming, simplifying onsite installation and commissioning
    • Supports large deployments with multiple device code download
    • Easily troubleshoot your application in real-time through live-debugging and a Watch List to monitor specific process variables and detect errors as they occur
    • Codes and projects created for ECL LONWORKS, ECB BACnet or ECLYPSE Series controllers can be “ported” or “converted” to be re-used on all your projects, regardless of protocol or product series.
  • ECgfxProgram Datasheet

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