Does Your Hotel Feel like Home?

For hotel managers, it’s imperative that guests leave happy and delighted. With smart, interconnected technology your hotel can run more efficiently, ease check-in, and automate room controls so that your guests have the best experience possible and you have time to focus on running your hotel, not triaging issues.
  • Your Business

    We understand the value of an exceptional guest experience and hotel rating to your business. Our proven IP-based solution with RESTful API puts you in the driver’s seat to create a guest-centric hotel that keeps guests coming back for more and can help meet certain rating criteria.

  • Your Energy Costs

    Automation and features like occupancy sensing, schedule and daylight harvesting, help hotels reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, our user-friendly dashboards let you see where your energy is going and identify areas of improvement.

  • Your Staff and Guests

    • Guests enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay when they can easily unlock their door, check-in, change temperature, fan speed, light levels, blinds and more, all from their phone.
    • Hotel staff have access to more data points about floors, rooms, services and guests – arming them to deliver the best service possible.

  • Your Hotel and Its Operations

    • Ensure the longstanding performance and value of your building and equipment with a system that is easy to upgrade and adapts to future needs. With I/O, controllers support the most complex room control strategies that can even help prevent flood damage.
    • Leverage technology such as RESTful API, BACnet IP, connected controllers and unified systems, to help future-proof your hotel. By Integrating with your rewards program and hotel systems, guests easily engage with services available in the hotel like ordering room service, checking wait times at the restaurant, and finding their way to the gym.
    • Proactively and remotely manage your hotel with our web-based applications that give you visibility into system usage and detailed alarms such as equipment faults.

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