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Distech Controls' HORYZON-C is an IP-based capacitive and multi-touch color display. With a new generation, sleek design that delivers a fully customizable user experience with ENVYSION web pages, view and access all comfort parameters controlled in your space. Discover more features such as its preloaded visual application for onsite servicing and commissioning, and optional acoustic and visual triggers for instant notification of alarms!
  • Easy and time saving installation


  • Advanced preloaded visual interface

  • Access and display the data of ECLYPSE ECY, BACnet ECB and LONWORKS ECL controllers and any HVAC system

  • Broad range of displays available in different sizes and to meet different usage needs

Choose Displays Taylored to Your Needs!


    • IP-based 
    • 7” and 10” displays
    • capacitive touchscreen
    • support of multi-touch gestures and auto-rotate function
    • preloaded visual interface
    • display of building-wide applications with custom ENVYSION web pages
    • access and display of multiple controller data
    • trends view
    • real-time notification of alarms

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    • IP-based
    • 4”, 7” and 10” displays
    • resistive touchscreen


    • preloaded visual interface



    • access and display of multiple controller data
    • trends view

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  • ECx-Display

    • subnet
    • 2.8” display
    • jog-dial navigation


    • preloaded visual interface



    • access and display of one controller’s data

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Want to Find Out More about Our Complete IP-Based Solution?
Download our ECLYPSE brochure and find out how HORYZON-C can be used with our ECLYPSE Connected IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Product Series.

IP-Based Capacitive Multi-Touch Display

  • HORYZON-C IP Based Capacitive Multi-touch Color Display
    From mechanical rooms to occupant interface, leverage pre-loaded visual interface for simplified commissioning, operations and troubleshooting, or deliver a fully customized user experience with ENVYSION web pages.

IP-Based Resistive Touchscreen Display

Want an ideal user interface for a wide range of HVAC applications? Communicating over IP for increased speed, this resistive touchscreen display allows you to save time when configuring your system, or managing operating parameters. Additionally, interfaces are automatically generated from ECLYPSE and EC-Net systems to remove extra programming.

The displays are available in 3 sizes (4”, 7” and 10”) and can be either wall-mounted or panel mounted for convenient access to the display where it is needed. 

  • HORYZON-R IP Based Resistive Touchscreen Display
    From mechanical rooms to small building applications, allows system integrators and facility managers to access, view and engage with operating parameters of your ECLYPSE or EC-NetAX system for simplified commissioning, operations and troubleshooting.

Streamlined Mechanical Room Display

Trying to access controller options onsite quickly and easily? Get the ECx-Display and use it on DIN rail mounting, panel mounting, or as a temporary handheld device that can easily be moved from one Distech Controls controller to another.

The display is available in black or blue, contains a color backlit LCD display and jog-dial for a simple turn-and-select navigation to access a wide range of internal controller functions. The interface resembles the configuration of our myDC Control app, to simplify usage and improve the user experience.

  • ECx-Display
    Streamlined mechanical room display for your ECB series BACnet® controllers, ECL series LonWorks® controllers, and ECY series ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi controllers. Managers and technicians will benefit from this powerful, user-friendly color backlit LCD display, providing convenient access to important system data in real time.

Additional Interface Options

  • Discover our x50 Controller Series

    Distech Controls’ ECB BACnet® and ECL LONWORKS® 50 Series controllers with integrated LCD operator interface. The jog-dial turn-and-select button, together with the local user interface, deliver control at your fingertips.


  • Distech Controls on your mobile phone!

    Distech Controls has taken an innovative approach to designing user experiences: from delivering unique productivity enhancing tools, to intuitive, engaging interfaces. Now combined with the mobile connectivity and familiar interface of an app, these offerings increase productivity for system integrators and control technicians, provide value for building managers, and personalized comfort for occupants.


  • And here is our EC-Display!

    The EC-Display LCD interface is perfect for small to medium sized systems where a PC front-end is not necessary or where quick access is required, such as in mechanical rooms and offices. The EC-Display interface allows system integrators and facility managers to manage systems without a supervising station, providing quick and convenient access to up to 250 points on the network.


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