The EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE is a compact, "4-in-1" communicating device. With just one wire and one connection, this device effectively combines (1) a motion detector, (2) a light sensor, (3) a temperature sensor, and (4) a Bluetooth® low energy technology transceiver for the wireless control of comfort from a mobile phone.
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  • Features

    • Combines three sensing capabilities (temperature, luminosity, and motion sensing) and Bluetooth low energy technology communication
    • Can be directly connected to an ECLYPSE™ series controller or to its expansion module with a digital RJ-45 link or daisy-chained using an ECx-Subnet-Adapter
    • Both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable, reducing installation costs and simplifying installation and system retrofits
    • Directly addressable via a rotary switch to facilitate configuration
    • Optimizes energy usage according to real-time conditions, whether controlling heating and cooling setback through motion and temperature sensing or controlling lighting through occupancy detection.


  • EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE

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