ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller – ECY-VAV Series

Control any variable air volume application out of the box. Also features a model with power over Ethernet.
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    • Robust and compact design for your VAV applications
      • 4 universal inputs with high precision 16-bit AD
      • 4 digital outputs (Triac)
      • 2 universal outputs
      • Built-in differential pressure transducer featuring polarity insensitive/polarity-free connection
      • Integrated damper actuator with brushless DC motor
    • Configure pre-loaded applications with embedded ENVYSION or with an Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor, or fully customize with EC-gfxProgram
    • Model with Power over Ethernet - A single cable to provide both data and power, significantly simplifying installation and maintenance, and reducing related costs
    • Integrated fail-safe feature allowing for increased redundancy and reliability in your IP-wired daisy chain: in case of power failure to one controller, communication data is still relayed to the following controller on the daisy-chain
    • Supports Smart Room Control solution, for a unified, end-to-end solution for the control of HVAC, lighting, and shades/sunblind
    • Supports "direct connection" to EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface, and mobile apps
    • Available with embedded ENVYSION, web-based graphic design and visualization interface, for hosting of system-based graphics, and visualization of schedules, alarms, and trend logs directly from the controller
    • Daisy-chain up to 4 Allure series communicating sensors via the dedicated subnet port
  • ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller

    2018-06-22 09:51:53 | pdf | 10918,2 KB
  • ECY-VAV BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) PICS

    2017-11-28 15:11:49 | pdf | 600,1 KB
  • ECLYPSE Series Solution Guide

    2017-06-21 11:29:04 | pdf | 824,6 KB
  • ECLYPSE™ Solution for Small Connected Buildings

    2019-02-21 15:05:19 | pdf | 1826,5 KB
  • ECY-VAV BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) PICS

    2017-11-28 15:11:49 | pdf | 600,1 KB

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