ECLYPSE Open-To-Wireless Adapter

The ECLYPSE Open-To-Wireless Adapter enables a unidirectional wireless communication between ECLYPSE controller and wireless, battery-less sensors and switches operating on EnOcean communication protocol.
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    • For any application - Variety of wireless battery-less sensors and switches: from temperature and humidity, to duct and cable temperature sensing, to occupancy detection and light switches
    • Space re-configuration - Quick and low-cost relocation of sensors and switches when room configuration or floor plans change
    • Lower Installation Costs - Eliminate expenses for wiring plans, wire and conduit installation, electrical installation, retrofit repairs, and other associated labor costs
    • Comfort in any environment - Ideal for spaces where sensor placement can be difficult, such as glass atriums, or in large open spaces with localized needs, such as office cubicles
  • ECLYPSE Open-to-Wireless Adapter

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  • Open-to-Wireless Solution

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